You have different clubs because each one hits the ball a different distance. How far should those distances be?

There's no set distance for a given type of club, because every club is different and every golfer is different. Golfers are stronger or weaker. They have more or less skill. The club shaft is longer or shorter. The angle of the club face is more or less steep. These all affect how long a ball will go when hit by a given club.

However, if you get a matched set of clubs, they should all work the same relative to each other. That is, if you choose any club, then as you go up and down the scale, you should hit each subsequent club around 10-15 yards longer or shorter. So you simply figure out what one of the clubs does consistantly for YOU, and what the between club differential is for YOU, and now you know exactly which club to use in which situation.

Here's an average distance list to get you started.

ClubMen DistanceWomen Distance
4 Iron170 yds120 yds
5 Iron160 yds110 yds
6 Iron150 yds100 yds
7 Iron140 yds90 yds
8 Iron130 yds80 yds
9 Iron120 yds70 yds
Pitching Wedge105 yds55 yds

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