It might sound like an urban legend, but yes, some golf courses offer caddies with four legs instead of two.

Llamas have been used in their native habitats for carrying packs since they were domesticated, back in the days of early man. When man's sophistication and culture brought him to the sport of golf, it was perhaps natural that this dependable creature would be enlisted to help out.

The Talamore Golf Club, located in Southern Pines, North Carolina, is quite comfortable using llamas to carry golf bags, since they are far easier on the greens than carts would be. The docile animals follow the golfers comfortably around the course, going where no cart could possibly reach. The caddy is quiet and discreet, won't comment on a bad score, and will contentedly munch grass if the golfer happens to miss a shot.

The llama even figures in the logo of the club!

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