OK, you've enrolled yourself in beginning golf lessons. That's a great start. How do you make sure you get the most out of them?

Study Golf Terminology
I'm not saying to memorize an entire golf dictionary, but you should know some of the basic terms, like putt and grip and hole. The instructor will explain more complicated terms to you, but you need to have a basic understanding of what you're trying to learn. Otherwise it's like trying to learn baseball when you've never even seen the game!

Get There On Time
You're paying for every minute of the lesson, and lessons tend to build on information in a cumulative way. If you miss the first 20 minutes, you might have missed the main foundation that will be practiced on for the rest of the lesson. Now you won't know what to practice!

Be Ready to Learn
You would think this would be obvious - you're paying someone to teach you the correct way to do something, something which you are currently not doing correctly. But it's amazing how many people balk in lessons and say "this feels funny" or "I don't do it that way". Of course it feels funny, you've been doing it wrong until now :) Open your mind. Accept that it will take time to learn this new, correct way of doing things, and work on listening and understanding. You'll find that this "funny way" starts to feel natural after a while, and your game will improve immensely.

Concentrate, Listen, and Ask Questions
The whole aim of this lesson is for you to learn a skill. It doesn't help if you're talking on the cell phone, or thinking about what happened at work, or don't understand things but keep quiet. Concentrate on learning. Listen to what is being said. Make sure you understand it, and if you don't, ask questions. Teachers are well versed in saying the same thing 10 different ways, because each of us learns in a slightly different manner. If you don't understand the way it was explained, the teacher might explain it in a completely different manner which makes perfect sense to you.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
A lot of golf is about building muscle memory, and getting your body used to doing the stance and swing 'naturally' without any thought. This can only happen with practice. You might know, technically, what the swing SHOULD do, but until you actually DO that swing many, many times, your body won't be able to do it smoothly and fluidly. The lessons are there to point you in the right direction, but you'll need to practice between lessons to get your body used to the task.

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