Brussels Belgium Tourism Tips

If you're vacationing in Germany, it's only a short drive away to visit Brussells, Belgum. Here are some tips on visiting this center of beer and chocolate.

The country is split in half between the Wallonian and Flemish groups - and you'll find in many places that signs are done in two languages. The Walloons' homes tend to be cozy, lace-and-knicknack filled, while the Flemish enjoy bright, clean, elegant designs. Most people also speak English as a common tongue.

Brussels is the capital of the European Union and has both modern restaurants and ancient buildings. The Grand Palace is thought to be one of the most gorgeous in Europe, and there is the famous "Manneken Pis" - peeing little boy fountain.

There are both museums of ancient art and of modern art, conveniently located near each other. If you enjoy art nouveau, be sure to visit the Victor Horga house which is said to be the best collection in Europe.

It is in fact from Belgium that the world famous French Fries was brought to the world after WW1. The American soldiers visiting here fell in love with the fried creations and brought them back home, calling them French Fries because they were served by French-speaking cooks.

When you go, be sure to sample the beer, often created by monks, and the chocolate!

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