Bremen - Musicians and Wine

The town of Bremen is perhaps best known for the fable of the Bremen Town Musicians. In that fable, a rooster, cat, dog and donkey created a musical band and went to Bremen to play their songs. Together they scared away a band of thieves, and the town celebrates their victory.

Bremen is the smallest city-state in Germany. It is also Germany's oldest port. It belonged to the Hanseatic League, a group of merchant companies that ruled this area of Europe.

One key feature of Bremen is its Marktplatz, a market square with an old Rathaus and a cathedral that is over 900 years old. There is an Overseas Museum that talks about all the poeple Bremen traded with.

The oldest district is the Schnoorviertel, dating to the 1400s and which is now used for small craft stores and pubs.

The Ratskeller is of course located in the Rathaus and is Germany's oldest town hall restaurant. The restaurant has been open since 1408 and has only served wine in all that time. They boast a wine list of 600 German wines.

Bremen Wine Cellar

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