Brussels Belgium Sights and Things to See

Brussels, Belgium is but a hop, skip and a jump from most locations in Germany. What is fun to see in Brussels? What should tourists be sure to visit while they are in Brussels?

First, Brussels handles French, Dutch and English equally well. If you know one of those three languages, you're likely to get along well in this city. Brussels is the home of the EU and therefore well used to visitors from all nationalities.

Most people who have been to Brussels point out the main attraction of the city - the Grand Palace. This gorgeous town square is surrounded by amazing architecture and is incredibly photo-worthy. You truly get a sense of what traditional european architecture was all about.

Grand Palace Information

Brussels is also known for something quite humorous - the "Manneken Pis", or Peeing Boy. This fountain has been around since the early 1600s and traces its roots to long before then. Incredibly popular, the fountain in fact has many costumes that it wears at various times of year. Well worth a visit!

Mannekin Pis Info

There are also two museums - one modern, one ancient - within walking distance of these monuments.

Museum Homepage

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