The Mists of Avalon - Book vs Miniseries

I found many of the plot devices in the miniseries completely skewed the meaning of the book, making it about the same 'subject' but warping the characters completely.

In the book:

  • Morgaine actually told Gwydion about the son. He knew from the beginning.
  • Lancelot admits he won't leave Arthur because of his love for Arthur. In the threesome scene he explicitly touches Arthur and is loving *him* too.
  • Viviane is killed during the accusal.
  • Gwen is captured and raped by her "brother". Lancelot saved her and she slept with him proudly.
  • Lancelot marries Gwen's cousin.
  • Gwen accuses Arthur of loving Lancelot, learns of the sin and then wants Arthur to confess despite the above.
  • Morgaine marries the dad barely knowing the son, becomes a Priestess and then sleeps with Accolon.
  • Mordred goes back to Morgause, gives the "I drink to death" speech in a sad and bitter way - NOT in a jolly way.
  • Morgaine kills Accolon's brother.
  • Morgause introduces Gwydion
  • Accolon dies fighting Arthur
  • Mordred is very upset when his brother is killed, when Lance runs off

Some might be considered 'minor plot sidetracks' but the *gist* of the emotional changes could have been included in the story. Instead, they rework scenes so that people become one dimensional, and important REASONS for why they do things are lost. So instead of their actions being understandable, they are "evil" or "jerks".

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