Green Chic - Christie Matheson

The title of this book almost makes it sound like you'll be buying $500 dresses from organic hemp. Actually, what Green Chic provides is an extremely useful primer on how to incorporate green living into your daily life in a way that balances usefulness and impact.

Christie Matheson goes over a variety of basics in an easy to understand fashion. She explains the differences between incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, why fluorescent is better, and how to manage the switch. She talks about how wasteful plastic bottled water is, why it causes a lot of harm to the environment to buy water in this fashion, and what your options are.

She goes over the small differences you can make in your daily routine that really add up. Cut your shower length by 2 minutes to save 400 pounds of carbon a year. Uncharge your cell phone charger when not in use for another 100 pounds a year. These are things that are better for you anyway - your skin does much better with short showers - but you might not have thought about them before.

Wash your clothes in cold water. The heat really doesn't do anything at all with modern detergents, and if anything it might set a stain rather than let it wash out. Use recycled paper in your paper towels - if everyone in the US did that just once we'd save 1/2 million trees. Eat local foods, to save on the shipping impact of exhaust and gas.

We live in a consumer society. We buy things without thinking about their impact on our world. If each of us just made small changes - buying recycled paper cards, getting "non-thing" gifts for people like massage gift certificates or restaurant gift certificates, turning off lights when we left rooms - the impact could be phenomenal. Christie points these things out in an engaging manner.

Highly recommended! Then donate your copy to your local library, so even more people can learn from the information, and your own house reduces on its clutter!

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