Cutting your Electric Bill

I love cutting on electrical usage! It is SO easy to see immediate results. Your electric company probably sends you a bill every month with your exact electrical usage on it, and you can easily do a chart and see how you save each month. You see the direct money return about every action you take. It's well worth it to work on this - you can literally save thousands a year!!

Turn Off Items!
This has got to be so basic, but we all are lazy creatures. We leave lights on. We leave radios on. We leave TVs on. Heck in the old days you had to *stand up* and walk to turn off a TV. Nowadays you just hit a button from a couch, and still we don't do it. Why? We don't think about it. Well, think.

Here's a SUPER cool device I highly recommend. It's a motion sensor switch for your light. We have one in our kitchen. It's cheap and really easy to install. When you walk into the kitchen, if it's dark out, the light turns on. No clapping, no touching switches, the light just comes on. You leave, a minute later the light turns off. This is perfect for coming in with your arms full of groceries - but it's also perfect for saving on electricity.

If you don't need it on, turn it off. You can always turn it on again later if you need to.

Get energy rated appliances. If you toss out that old dryer and get a new one, you could literally save yourself the ENTIRE cost of that new drier in electricity very quickly. It is truly phenomonal how much more efficient new equipment is than some old equipment. Don't focus on the short term. Do the research and see how quickly it'll save you money to go with a new item.

Look into solar power. It's not new-agey any more :) It really does work amazingly well. Some people don't pay ANY electrical bills at all, simply because of a panel or two on their roof. If you have the ability to do this, because you own a house and have good exposure to the sun, look into it. You could save money very quickly.

Dress for the season. Don't go around in the winter in shorts and tshirts and then crank up the heat. Wear a sweater and keep the temperature low. Don't make yourself sick, of course! Still, somewhere in there is a balance where you are warm enough in proper clothing, and the house's pipes aren't freezing. Make sure the windows are all sealed well and if not, take steps to fix them. It's amazing how much heat you can lose through a leaky window.

Watch your bill each month. See what it's doing. Take a walk around the house and see what is running, what needs to be running, and what can be replaced.

Frugal Living Tips