File Swapping

KaZaA has taken the place of Napster in the minds of many music lovers. The peer-to-peer system lets users exchange files of any type, including MP3s. With over 78 million downloads, the chance of other users with files you want being on line is rather high.

To start with, KaZaA designates a specific directory on your hard drive to share. Usually this is called My Shared Folder. ONLY things in this folder can be accessed by the outside world. This makes security easy - anything in that folder can be seen. Anything NOT in that folder CANNOT be seen.

Therefore, to share files with others, simply drop them into that folder! Any files you download from other people will arrive in that folder as well. This means, if you leave files in that folder, that over time everybody will be sharing more and more files.

To help speed up searching, KaZaA employs "supernodes" - super-fast systems that contain indices of nearby machines. Searchers check these supernodes for information on which system holds what. Then, they go to a particular hard drive to get the content. This means your computer isn't polled constantly for searches. It's only accessed when someone really wants content that you have.

For families that use KaZaA, it can be set up to ignore any porn or otherwise objectionable files.

When you download a file from someone else's computer, KaZaA optimizes the download to use the fastest machine available - or even to use multiple machines if it can find them!

Highly recommended for file swap fans.

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