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Squares are dreamt about most often by those trying to bring order into their lives. Are you trying to find a solution to a problem that vexes you?

Squares are very stable and well ordered. They stand for the balance in life. The four directions on a compass. The four corners of a strong building. It could be that you seek that stability and order in your life, and aren't quite sure how to get to it. Look at how the square is used in your dream for a hint on what direction to take.

However, to someone craving freedom and excitement, a square can mean TOO much stability. If you are a teenager dreaming of travelling to France and exploring the world, a square can stand for the boring, tedious, day-to-day grind of school that you are forced to deal with. How can you be happy with a square when there are so many more fascinating shapes to explore out there?? Find ways to deal with this square-boredom of your life while you prepare to get out and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Dream Symbols - Shapes

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