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Until around 33 AD, the cross was a simple symbol of connection, and maybe of punishment. Since that time, the cross is a powerful symbol of religion.

The most obvious connection most of us make with the cross in the current era is with the cross on which Jesus died. Depending on how each of us feels about religion and spirituality, this could therefore have many different meanings.

If you are religious and focus on the pain and suffering of Jesus, the cross could mean that you feel there are great burdens in your life which are almost too much to bear. You are being crucified - tortured - for the things you believe in. The pain is unwarranted, but you bear it all the same, and are seeking for a way to handle the problems.

If you are religious but focus on the love and rebirth of Jesus, then the cross would be a sign that there is peace and joy to be found in your life. Yes, there may be troubles, but if you approach them with a joyful spirit and optimism, you will find a path through. You know you have spiritual support that will help you overcome any hurdle.

If you are NOT religious, the cross could stand for a power in your life that you do not have any control over, that is trying to influence you. It could mean that you have a certain path you wish to take - but that forces are preventing you from taking that path. It might be time to really think about those forces and think creatively about a way to deal with them.

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