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It's very common for dreams to be placed in your parents' homes, in your grandparents' homes, or in your own homes that you no longer live in. Why is this?

Remember, your dream is trying to tell you something - and it's not writing it out on a piece of paper. It is SHOWING you with symbols you personally will recognize.

So first off, if your dream is based in a home, the issue is about your personal life. This isn't something about school or work or elsewhere that is bothering you. It's something about your home and family, about your most personal connections.

Next, think about how you felt when you were in this house. Was it a place you were happy and contented? Somewhere that there was a lot of stress? Was it a place you loved, or a place you hated? That all directly tells you how you are feeling about your current home life and the problem that is involved.

It's very common in fact for the house in your dream to be built of pieces of various homes you remember - the kitchen from your grandmother's house, the back yard from your home when you were 3. Again, your mind is putting together pieces to get a message to you. Maybe you really loved your grandmother's kitchen because of the cookies it always held ... and you loved your home's back yard when you were 3 because of the apple tree you would climb. So your mind puts together all the 'best' images to give you a full picture of a loving family that you crave to have.

If something in your dream stands out as being out of place - a spiral staircase in the middle of your house that otherwise seems just right - pay special attention to that. That thing that is out of place is trying to draw your attention to the problem, and maybe a solution.

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