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What does it mean when glass features in a dream? It can make a big difference depending on how the glass is involved.

First, glass is a transparent liquid. Yes, glass is a liquid! It just flows very slowly. If you look at a very old window in a colonial house, the lower part will be thicker than the upper part.

If your dream involves lots of windows, what sort of a view are they looking over? Windows are your way of looking out at the real world around you. If the view is of a nasty industrial wasteland, it means you feel the environment you're living in isn't very pleasant. But if the windows are overlooking a gorgeous world, it means you see the world around you as a place with great opportunity.

Glass has another property - it shatters into very sharp shards. Many, many horror stories train us to learn how incredibly nasty glass can be when broken. So if you are worried about something, glass is often the way that it's shown in your dreams. If you are worried that your relationship with your boyfriend is in deep danger, you might dream that he is cut by glass (or that he causes you to be cut). This would indicate a serious problem that you should really work on fixing immediately.

Glass can also be used to create mirrors - but mirrors are a very powerful dream symbol and are addressed separately.

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