Ball and Toys - Dream Symbols

Often, dreams have toys, balls and other signs of childhood in them. What are these dreams telling you?

Dreaming about your childhood is a sign that you are not feeling ready with the thought of growing up. This can be true if you are 16 or 60. There are always demands of responsibility being made on people - and there is always the resistance, the wish to go back to simpler times.

Sometimes the stress is from another person. You might be 14 and your boyfriend is pressuring you to do things you feel really uncomfortable about. Your dream is reminding you to take your time, to enjoy your childhood while you have it.

Sometimes the stress is caused by something YOU want to do. You're 18 and ready to go off to college. You really want to go to college - but the thought of having to pay for your own apartment, be on your own, is scary. You wish there was a way to have the fun of college without the stress or responsibility.

Whatever your situation, take a good look at what is causing you stress and find ways to deal with it. If it is stress under your control (your boyfriend) tell him to respect your wishes. Someone who does not respect you has no place in your life. If it is something you are choosing to do (go to college), then find ways to make the transition slowly. Maybe live at home for the first year, so you have the fun of college life and the security of a room that is paid for. You can always make the rest of the change in future months.

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