Dreaming about Pregnancy

Dreams often are about issues that are serious in your life. It makes sense that pregnancy might be something that you dream about at times.

If you're actually in a situation where you are financially stable, have a dedicated partner and are taking good care of your health, your dream of pregnancy might echo your real life dreams. If you are actively trying to get pregnant, those aims and desires would echo in your dream world.

On the other hand, most women and men who are sexually active are actively trying NOT to get pregnant. They enjoy the fun of intimacy but do not have the large amounts of time or money raising a child entail. In that case, the pregnancy can indicate a worry about impending trouble. You can of course be worried about a literal pregnancy happening - or the pregnancy could just be a symbol for general trouble or disruption on the horizon.

If you are younger and not yet sexually active, you might be dreaming about a stage of growing up. Many young people imagine what it would be like to be married, to have kids of their own. To them, dreaming of pregnancy would be about the great work involved in that transition - to go from being cared for to being on your own and being responsible for others.

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