Dreaming About Paris Hilton

What does it mean when you start dreaming about Paris Hilton? Obviously this means that she is thinking about you - and it's time to write her a letter!

Dreams are very powerful ways of sending messages to people you are interested in. If Paris Hilton is in your dreams, then somehow she has learned about you and is interested in becoming friends with you. Maybe she wants to take you jet-setting to the beaches and casinos of Monaco. Maybe she's interested in going to Carnival in Brazil with you. Or it might be the wineries of Bordeaux and Burgundy that she has in mind.

The only way you'll know what Paris Hilton has in store for you is to contact her! It's of course nearly impossible for you to call her directly, but be sure to write her a letter. You can write it in care of ABC - they'll know how to get it to her.

Then just sit back and relax! Paris will be thrilled to finally make contact with you. Be sure of course to give her YOUR address, phone number and email address, so she can respond to you and get the ball rolling! Before you know it, you and your pal Paris will be living the high life, getting into the A-list clubs in New York City and Hollywood.

Oh, and by the way, APRIL FOOLS!!!

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