Dream Symbols - Falling Out Hair

Many dreamers have dreams in which their hair falls out. This theme has been with mankind since the days of Sampson and Delilah.

You have probably seen enough Rogaine and other hair-loss prevention product ads on TV to realize just how much many people value their hair. It has for thousands of years been a sign of youth and verility. Maidens would grow waist-length hair and brush it daily. Men would go through all sorts of medical and physical treatments in order to preserve their head of hair.

To dream about losing your hair is to dream about losing your youth, your vitality, your strength. You worry that something beyond your control is harming you, not allowing you to be the best you could be.

If you are having these sorts of dreams, figure out what in your life is interfering with your plans and dreams. As much as it may SEEM to be all-powerful, there are always ways to cope with obstacles. Many of the most productive people in the world got that way because they hit an obstacle and had to find a way around it. Be creative!

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