Dream Dictionary and Symbols

Every dream you have is sending signals to you from your subconscious. Build a dream dictionary to help you learn what issues you need to address.

First, each night keep a Dream Log to record the dreams you are having. The more you record them, the more likely you are to remember them. You're training your brain to give you this vital information.

Next, by each important item in the dream - animal, event, color, etc. - make a note of what else that reminds you of. While many dream symbols are pretty universal, like lion = strength, rabbit = quick and whale = big, other dream symbols can be VERY personal. One person might see a dog and think "love" because their best friend growing up was a faithful, loyal dog. Another person might see a dog and think "hate" because the only dog they ever met bit them when they were 8 years old and scarred them for life.

The more you record your dreams, the more you can build up a personal Dream Dictionary. This will indicate what symbols have a special meaning to YOU, and what that meaning is.

Dream EncyclopediaDream Encyclopedia

Dreams are the gateways to our souls, and bring great messages to our conscious world. This encyclopedia is the key to unlocking what they are trying to tell you!

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