Leech - Dream Symbol

As scary as the slimy leech might seem, it is also used in medicine for great good. What does it mean if you dream about leeches?

First, the word 'leech' also means bloodsucker, as in someone that attaches themself to you and then uses you to take away your money and strength. There are financial leeches, emotional leeches, and just about any other kind of leech you can imagine. Take a serious look at your life and see if someone in it is sucking your energy. As much as you care about this person, you cannot help other people if YOU are being drained of energy. It's a truism of life that you have to take care of yourself if you want to take care of others.

You know in the airplane, when they tell you that parents have to put on their own oxygen masks before the put on the kids - otherwise the parents could collapse and both will die? You need to keep yourself strong if you're going to help others. And if someone is actively leeching you, you need to find a resolution.

Another way leeches can appear in your dream is in the medical sense. Leeches are icky but are critical in some medical situations. So it could be that you have to do something that bothers you, but it is necessary for things to turn out right. This might be giving up your Friday nights out with your friends in order to spend more time with your boyfriend, who is feeling neglected.

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