Dream Symbols - Losing a Person

We've all been lost at least once in our life, and know what it feels like to worry about finding our mother, father, or whoever else we were with. Being lost or losing someone in a dream is just as worrying.

First, think about why this person got lost. Were you not paying attention to them - were you distracted by something else? Did they choose to go off without you and promise to be right back? Did a third party pull you apart and cause the separation?

Whatever the reason that separated you, that is what you are worried about in real life. If it was you that was distracted, then your own inattention to your relationship in real life is causing the problem. If the person you're with wandered off and got lost, maybe they're not paying enough attention to you and you're worried you will lose them.

If it was another person or event that pulled you two apart, you may be worried that something outside your control is contriving to pull you from the person you love.

Whatever it is, in real life really look at your love life and see what you can do to actively work on it and make it better. A solid relationship can survive anything - but a relationship that is crumbling already often needs just a slight push to destroy it.

If your dream was about someone *dying*, read the other article on the topic.

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