Dream Symbols - Losing an Object

A common dream to have is where you lose track of an object - a watch, a car, a book. What does it mean when you dream about losing things?

The important thing to focus on is the thing you lose in the dream. Is it your wallet, your car, your favorite bracelet? What does that thing mean to you? Is it your ability to be free and go whereever you want to? Is it your financial security? Is it a symbol of the love of your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Next, does anybody else notice that this object is missing? Is it your wallet missing and everyone is harassing you about it? Is it your girlfriend's photo that's missing, and she's upset about it? How the people in your dream react is just as important as what you lost. If you lost your wallet and nobody minds and they tell you not to worry, maybe it's showing you that you're worried about your finances - but that others are trying to tell you you're in fine shape.

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