Illness and Sickness - Dream Symbols

Dreaming about an illness or sickness is very common. Your dream is trying to tell you, something is wrong, it's time to take steps to fix it.

You might be dreaming about cancer or a tumor, about a cyst or mole. Whatever it is, it is something that is wrong - something that you need to take action to fix before it causes serious damage or death.

These sorts of dreams are trying to highlight serious issues in your life. It might be the relationship you have with your spouse or partner is failing. It might be something in the way you're dealing with your parents or kids. Whatever it is, it is serious enough that your dream self is crying out for help.

The people involved in your dream will give you some help in unravelling the issue. If it's your boyfriend that is very sick, it's time to work on your relationship with him. If it's your mom that is coming down with something, it's time to spend more time with her.

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