Elias Howe Dreamt of the Sewing Machine

Elias Howe is famous for inventing the sewing machine in 1845. But not many know that it was a dream that brought him the critical solution.

Howe was trying to figure out how to automate the sewing process, but could not design a process that would work. He fell asleep at his desk one night pondering the issue.

In his dream, he was in Africa, running from wild cannibals. They caught him and put him into a huge pot of water, and set it boiling. He tried repeatedly to climb out of the pot, but the natives kept pushing him back into the pot with their sharp spears.

When Howe awoke, terrified, he went back over the dream in his mind. He realized that each spear had a hole at its tip, just like a long needle. All at once, he saw that this was the solution to his problem, and his sewing machine became hugely popular!

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