Lisa Shea - 1980 Childhood Notes

Here are things I remember from 1980, age 10-11, sixth grade, living in West Hartford.

We would walk to school, about a mile. There was one main road to cross and then more quiet roads until we got to the school. There was a little convenience store on the corner near our house where we got bubblegum cards and such. Mostly it was just me and my sister doing the walk. I played clarinet this year. I remember one small concert for maybe a class or two worth of students where I started playing the wrong piece by accident because I mis-heard what song we were going to do next.

I was in an inter-elementary school choir and enjoyed it a lot. The girl next to me sang very loudly and one time I even put my hand over her mouth because it was hurting my ears, and she sang a bit too long as a result and got a comment from the conductor.

One of the boys in my class died (from cancer, I think) and the teacher was very upset, telling us that. The girl he had been "dating" laughed from nervousness and I felt sorry for her.

Getting something out of one of the lockers, a baseball bat rolled from above and landed on my head. I said I was fine. Later the teacher pulled me over alone to ask if I was really fine and I said I was, and was surprised she'd ask me again as if I had lied the first time.

I had done really well on a paper and the teacher told me I'd done an excellent job, and I said something modest (like "it was nothing") and the kids all thought I was very odd for doing that.

It's hard to separate out 'home memories' into a particular year. We were in this house in West Hartford for three years (6th through 9th grade) so I'm not exactly sure which year goes with which memories. I'll put them all into the 9th grade memories.

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