Lisa Shea - 1981 Childhood Diary

This is my second year of keeping a diary. It is from when I was 11-turning-12, the second half of my 7th grade in West Hartford. Jenn was 9-turning-10. I was writing in cursive now. Unfortunately I only wrote in it regularly from January through April. This one was a bubble-letter-cover pretty diary with a lock and key. These are highlights, not every day.

Dear diary, Hello! Today is my first day. I hope that I do better than last year. Today I got $10.00 from Chaucha and Weco. I also got $3.00 from Baba, and $5.00 last week from Pat. That equals $18.00! I'm going to buy more stuff for my train. I already got: a blinking bridge, a trestle set, a new engine, and a lighthouse car. I also got a small church set from daddy and Bunnie! Besides that I got: pantyhose, clothes, Dungeons & Dragons, traveler's scrabble, and other stuff. I didn't get to say good-bye to Andy, though. He's chicken to kiss or neck, though. I set up my trestle set today. It almost works.

Dear diary, hi! Today we got up too late to play D&D with Len, but we played late without him. I didn't really do anything or go anywhere today. The only thing I really did was make the wise man and the Christmas ball out of stained glass. This night I watched the last part of Love Boat and half of Fantasy Island. Mommy came and shut it off, but she also curled my hair. She read a book on how to deal with angry children, so maybe my life will be a lot easier.

Dear diary, Today we had seven to eight inches of snow, but we still had school! Us and the Scheallers stayed home anyways, and had a lot of fun. We sledded down our hill, over the bumps. Later, Steven, Bobby, (his) sister and I had a snowball fight. Bobby's sister was in ninth grade, so we had the advantage. I was secretly on the boys side, but also told her (his sister) all that they were planning. Stacy is coming over tomorrow. We might see: 9-5, Flash Gordan, The Empire Strikes Back, the Aristocats, or Private Eyes.

[Memo in the back about my party says: Party: Heather Fulton, stationary, sleepover, stacey Blake, (2) Annie at G.G. books, up until 4:30am, Melinda Teter, Paddington books]

Dear diary, sorry I haven't written in so long, but I lost you for a while. So far I've had my party (see memo), visited Melinda, and wisened up on Dungeons & Dragons. Just today I got a Monster & Treasure guide, 20 sided die, and an eight-sided die. We also visited some other shops. I'm learning how to play the accordion & started last week. now I can play "Drink to me only with thine eyes" and "camptown races" really good. The boys who I like are: Mickey Petrone, Cris Lorance, Steven Schaeller. I like Mickey best. I wish that I could ? him. Cheepie, the fish, and O'Henry are fine. See you again tomorrow. PS. My mother was a f*** a*** today! [asterisks mine, although I did write the ? in the diary. How strange!]

Dear diary, Today I cleaned my fish bowl, played D&D, wiped the wood work, and took a bath. I also watched my mom get in trouble. All last year I told her not to burn leaves, but she did. Someone reported a fire, and a fire engine came. Tracy and Shelly came down to watch! Another instance proving that mother doesn't always know best. Tonight I watched "Amityville Horror." It was sort of scary. Then I stayed up until 3:15, the time when all of the bad things happened! [I do remember this, remember warning her not to do it, running inside because the billows of smoke worried me, and knowing when I hear the sirens that they were coming for her. After they left she said, sort of abashedly, "I guess you were right!"]

Dear diary, Today we were told about and given sheets for our project. I will probably choose pollution as a topic. We had a sub in Spanish. We learned how to use a pattern in Sewing. Tomorrow we will probably start making our animals. I took O'Henry out for a long time today. It was fun. I stayed in bed all evening watching tv. O'Henry almost slept with me, but Jenny conned him away. School used to be exciting, but it's getting boring because we aren't learning much, except in Spanish and Geography. Well, I hope that I sitll write for a long time so that I can look back when I'm 18 to see what I did (with who).

Dear diary, today in drama, I borrowed a pass from Shelley. I played the part of the husband and I kept laughing! Mom was really bad today, yelling at O'Henry and forcing him to sit and stay. She yelled at me when I said that I read somewhere that you weren't supposed to force a dog to learn things. In girl scouts we did macrame, and were told that we had to sell 5 magazine subscriptions. I get to sell on Troy and Fairlawn. I hope mom gets better because pretty soon I'll loose my temper and then ... but anyways, I hope that tomorrow is good.

Today I marked all of my pieces in sewing. I also started a story in English. Just before lunch, the fire alarm went off. We waited outside for 10 min before going to lunch. We got dismissed when I was 1/2 way through my pic! Stacy wanted me over, but Mom was on the phone (she stayed home today) and there went my last dime. Jenny and I got all the party things out cheeses, dips etc. She came home at 8:15, but no one else came. I felt sorry for mom, because she really looked sad. I put away the sodas and chips, leaving the crackers for tomorrow. I hope that they don't get stale, rotten, or mouldy.

Dear diary, between classes, art-class and home, I finished sewing on all of the felt pieces except for the ears. I started my geography report. It has to be 2 min (orally done). In math, Christine told me to meet Stacy in room 209. She was in French! Mickey was there and called me "brain". Then, when I told Stacy that Andrea was going to meet her at Stacy's locker, he said, "Is that all?!" I left very quickly. In girl scouts we made bugs. We're going to sell them at a promotional and a p.t.a meeting, for 25 cents apiece. Jenny, Mommy, and O'henry all have a cold. I hope that I don't get it. My fish has a red spot with red streaks going towards its body. I hope that it doesn't have a disease.

Dear diary, today in sewing I sewed on the ears and sewed half of my monkey together. I will probably sew the whole thing and stuff it tomorrow. I hope so. Then I can spend next week making frogs. In English we had a study hall. I started Animal Farm. It is pretty good. I don't like the head pig, though. My fish's whole fin is red now. I hope that it gets better. If he dies, I want him to die in my sleep. In choir we started a scat song. It doesn't have any words, only "doos", "aahs", "Oohs", and "bees". I like the melody, though. Mrs. Katz said that the Beatles sang it.

Dear diary, Today I made the small frog in Sewing. It isn't that cute. Tomorrow is the Science test. I hope that I pass. On Monday I will probably start wood. I want to make the 3-ring game, Hi-Q, and some other games. I hope that I am a good and fast worker, like I am in sewing. Today I stayed after to get our drama club picture taken. Mrs. Butcher drove me home. Mommy went to another meeting, and I made almost the whole meal by myself! Jenny just did the Shake & Bake. Tomorrow is the last day in sewing. I'll still make frogs at home, though.

Dear diary, Today in wood, I finished the top and bottom of my treasure chest. In English, I finished the DLAS test. Spanish was a review. In gym, we had our test. I think that I got 100%. I hope so. In Science, it was the best thing in the day. We started to discect frogs! I'll get some frog eggs from the pond. Steven now likes Christine Forstee. She likes him. They talk to each other about it. I'm starting to like Bobby better. Steven is very changed now that he's in love. He still likes me, but acts very different. In GS, we frosted a cake. The others were split in half, but I didn't have to, because my piece was for Jenny's birthday.

Dear diary, Today in wood I nailed the bottom on. He said that I might go into plastics. I hope so. In Geography, we had our test. It was on communism and the USSR. Now we are going on to the Middle East. After school (about 5:00) I went to shop-rite (Motts) and bought Jenny a stuffed rabbit in an egg. I added a squirmels and a pipe-cleaner bug. I hope that she likes it. I went over Steven's and explained D&D to him. I think that he understood. Mom went somewhere, and won't be back until late. I now have a phone in my room.

Dear diary, Today in wood I varnished my treasure box. I hope that I can finish by Thurs. In gym, we got the results of our gym test. I got a 75/76, which is pretty good. I forgot what it means. We also got our science tests back, I got an A++ and a 98! I just missed two on report content. Mom would have been happy, but I lost $1.50 to Maura. Today we went to the Chart House for Jenny's birthday. At the end of the meal, four waiters came over and sang "Happy Birthday" in a rumbling baritone. It was lovely. I wish that we could go back.

Dear diary, Today we took the bus home. It was an hour late at the station. He must have been new, because he took the wrong exit and ended up in East Hartford! Mom was still there. Jenny has a report due tomorrow. She has finished two pages on "The Russian language", but most of the report was copied straight from the dictionary. Mom, Len and I played a game of Perquacky. I was first, so I won, because all of our scores were over 4,000. I had 4960! At least I won. [Note - we had gone to Baba's house on the 17th probably for Easter week.]

[mostly empty after April]

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