Chocolate Cheese Cups

2- 8 Ounce Packages of Cream Cheese
2 Eggs
2/3 Cup Sugar
12 Ounce Bag of Chocolate Chips
Pinch of Salt

3 CUPS of Flour
2 CUPS of Sugar
1/2 CUP of Cocoa
2 TSP. Baking Soda
1 TSP. Salt
2 CUPS Water
2/3 CUP Cooking Oil
2 TBSP. Vinegar
2 TSP. Vanilla

COMBINE Cream Cheese, Eggs, Sugar and Salt
STIR in Chocolate Chips
IN Another Bowl, Sift Dry Ingredients Together
ADD Remaining Ingredients for the Chocolate Batter and Mix Well
PLACE Small Paper Baking Cups in Small Muffin Tins
FILL the Paper Cups Half Full with the Chocolate Batter Mixture
TOP with 1 Heaping Teaspoon of the Cream Cheese Mixture
SPRINKLE Top with Sugar
BAKE in a Preheated 350 Degree oven for 30-35 Minutes

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