Party Pinata Instructions

Pinatas are great fun as a dessert at any summer party. You can fill them with sugar-free candies, or small toys for a non-tooth-decay treat!

First, make the pinata. The past is 1 cup water, 1/4 cup flour. Mix these and stir into 5 cups of boiling water. When this cools, you're ready for the pinata making. Tear newspaper into thin strips. Create a base form with balloons, taping or tying them together. Use the newspaper, soaked in the paste, to form a shape around it. Leave a hole for filling. When it's dry, pop the balloons, remove them, and paint the exterior.

There are numerous sugar-free candies on the market which are delicious and fun. You can also use small toys for your prizes. Fill the pinata and seal up the hole with tape. Hang the pinata on a tree. Have the kids form a circle around the pinata - keep them WELL clear of the center area though. The party girl or boy should have NO chance of hitting the fellow children!! Now give the party child a stick, and have him or her bash at the pinata. After a few swings, there'll be fun for everyone!

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