Harry Potter English Trifle Recipe

English trifles are gorgeous layered desserts that have been loved by the English for at least three centuries. This can be the centerpiece of your Harry Potter party!

There are many ways to make a trifle. In essence you are making a layered dessert in a glass container so that the layers can be seen and admired.

Start with a bottom layer of sponge cake or ladyfingers. Next, a layer of Grand Marnier is traditional, although for kids you may want to go with a non-alcoholic syrup. Next, some strawberry jam. Fourth is a layer of custard. Do a second around of these same layers. Finally, the top - crushed ladyfingers or fresh fruit.

Set the trifle in the fridge to set for 8 hours, and enjoy!

You can of course use other flavors of jam or liqueur based on your personal preferences!

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