Fizzy Ghoulish Goo

1- 4 Serving Package of Orange Flavored Gelatin
1- 4 Serving Package of Grape Gelatin
4 Cups Orange Flavored Drink Mix Prepared with Cold Seltzer Water at the time of Serving
8 Glasses

PREPARE Gelatin as per Directions on Package
REFRIGERATE 4 Hours or Until Firm
BREAK Gelatin into Small Pieces with a Fork
LAYER 1/4 Cup Orange Gelatin, 1/4 Cup Grape Gelatin, Ending With 1/4 Cup Orange Gelatin into Glass
PREPARE Orange Flavored Drink Mix with Cold Seltzer Water
POUR 1/2 Cup Orange Drink over Gelatin into Glasses
SERVE With a Straw Immediately

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