Father's Day Dessert Ideas

Father's Day is the day to say thanks to the dad in your life. He deserves a delicious treat to go with the hugs and kisses!

Themed Cake
You can make a cake to suit his tastes - chocolate, vanilla, coffee, you name it. Decorate the top with something reflecting his hobbies. If he loves golf, you can draw a golf hole, complete with a little flag at the hole and a pond or two, using colored frosting. If he's a fisherman, use blue frosting to make a lake, then add a plastic boat. Gummy fish can swim around too!

Fresh Pies
Father's Day is in the summer days of June, and most guys are suckers for freshly baked pies. Put together an apple, peach or pecan pie - whatever his favorite is. The aromas will fill your house with delicious smells, too!

Dessert Drinks
If it's a warm day for sitting out on the back porch or hammock, sometimes the ideal drink is the perfect dessert. My father loves sitting with a glass of Grand Marnier, sipping it slowly. Other fathers I know adore a glass of delicious port, or a taste of Cognac. Whatever your dad loves, give him a quiet spot to relish it.

Homemade Sugar-Free Ice Cream
Even if your dad is watching his weight, there are still delicious recipes to be had. Electric ice cream makers are pretty inexpensive and are easy to use. By using Splenda instead of sugar, you can create delicious, perfect-flavored ice creams with few calories and carbs. This will become a summertime favorite!

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