Essential Ingredients for Quick & Easy Desserts

What things are you likely to need when your kid says, "I need to bring in snacks for my class!" Here's the grocery list to always keep handy:

Brown Sugar - in a pinch, you can use regular sugar + molassas
Confectionary Sugar for the icings
Baking Soda - if you're out, don't forget that you usually have a box in the refrigerator
Vanilla - you can substitute all sorts of things for this if you need to, like orange or lemon juice, almond extract, and so forth
Butter or margarine
Applesauce - if you're out of sugar, try this instead

Quick and dirty recipes are the Russian Tea Cakes and the Cinnamon Cookies listed in the categories on the left. Don't get caught off guard again!

Lisa's Dessert Recipes Listing

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