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Strawberries are a natural antioxidant which tastes good and provides amazing health benefits. Be sure to include strawberry recipes in your dessert plans!

Natural antioxidants have been found to help fight off alzheimers, cancer, heart disease and stroke. They can reduce the risk of macular degeneration, or age-related blindness, by 25%, as reported in the Archives of Ophthalmology.

In essence, the antioxidants in your blood track down "free radicals", a natural byproduct of metabolism, which your body normally handles on its own. As your body ages, it has more and more trouble dealing with the free radicals. If left loose in your blood, the free radicals begin damaging cell DNA and causing a myriad of health issues.

1/4 cup of strawberries provides 1,540 ORAC units - your total daily recommended amount is around 3,500. You can have strawberries plain, mixed with sugarless jello, in tarts, in ice cream, or even in your sparkling wine!

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