Passover Traditional Dishes

Passover is a traditional Jewish celebration that happens each spring. It is a celebration of freedom from the slavery of Egypt. The celebration lasts 8 days.

The foods of passover are a combination of bitter and sweet - celebrating the freedom from enslavement, but showing that the Jewish people then had to leave their homes and lives to move on to a new land.

The traditional dishes are:

* Egg - symbol of new life and fertility

* Shank Bone - represents sacrifices at the Temples

* Horseradish - symbol of the difficult times endured as slaves

* Haroset - a blend of nuts, honey, cinnamon and apple, symbolizes the bricks used to build the pyramids

* Matzah - flat bread, represents that the Jewish people left Egypt so quickly that they could not wait for their bread to rise.

* Salt water - both the sad tears of slavery as well as the happy tears of freedom

* Karpas - potatoes and parsley, symbolizes the poor food the slaves had to live on

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