Cruise Ship Toilet Information

If you've ever been on an airplane, you know what a cruise ship's toilet system is like. They have to use a vacuum system to get the toilet material through the huge piping system.

You might ask why hotels don't have to use a vacuum. In hotels, gravity can do most of the work, because the treatment systems are put in the basement. However, on a cruise ship, the pipes might have to lead sideways, or in some cases upwards.

Also, ships have to be incredibly sensitive about water usage. Any sailor will tell you that handling water is quite critical on a ship, since it's not easy to get more freshwater. Any needless waste of water - such as in toilets - is avoided as much as possible.

Because the system is vacuum driven, it is relatively loud. You need to always close the lid before flushing. Also, no extra material should ever be put into a toilet. Use the wastepaper basket for things you might normally flush down a toilet. Otherwise you risk not only damming up your own toilet, but those of your neighbors as well. They won't be very pleased with you if you do that!

Keep in mind that private bathrooms are a luxury that old-time cruisers never dreamed of having. So while they are "tiny" even in modern times, that is because a cruise ship is primarily an entertainment location. Passengers want their public areas - the restaurants, bars, theaters, etc. - to be as large as possible. You only use your bathroom for a few minutes every day, so having it small means that you get more space for the other locations!

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