Cruise Room Categories - Norwegian Crown

To get an idea of how categories work on a cruise ship, here are the category entries for the Norwegian Crown, part of the NCL cruise line.

CatSq FtNameDesc
AA455Owners suiteBalcony, floor-ceiling windows, living room, whirlpool bath
AB360PenthouseSame as owners suite, but smaller
AC290SuiteLarge windows, living room
AD200SuiteLarge windows, living room
AE190MinisuiteLarge windows, sititng area - Riviera deck
AF200MinisuiteLarge windows, sitting area - Lido deck
AG200MinisuiteDObstructed view windows, sitting area - Lido

As you can see from this top area, the primary definitions of the rooms involves the room size and the deck. Next come the group of rooms that have an ocean view - i.e. a window of some sort.

CatSq FtNameDesc
CC165Superior OceanviewExtra large window, sitting area, Marina deck
C165OceanviewExtra large window, sitting area, Laguna deck
DD165OceanviewPicture window, sitting area, Coral deck
D165OceanviewLarge window, sitting area, Laguna deck
E165OceanviewPicture window, sitting area, Coral deck
F165OceanviewExtra Large obstructed window, sitting area, Lido deck
G165OceanviewPorthole, sitting area, Laguna-Coral-Playa deck
HH165OceanviewPorthole, sitting area, Laguna deck
H165OceanviewPorthole, sitting area, Coral deck

Finally, there are the rooms that are in the interior of the ship - they have no windows at all. Some people call these "caves". Really, these are ways to get on a ship as cheaply as possible. You really only sleep in your room. You do everything else out in a public area. So if that sleeping room is dark, it's a good thing!

CatSq FtNameDesc
II160Superior InteriorPrivate bath, TV - Riviera, Lido
I160InsidePrivate bath, TV - Marina
JJ160InteriorPrivate bath, TV - Laguna
J160InteriorPrivate bath, TV - Coral
K160InteriorPrivate bath, TV - Coral
L160InteriorPrivate bath, TV - Coral
M160InteriorPrivate bath, TV - Playa
N160InteriorPrivate bath, TV - Playa

Since the interior rooms have no view, often the only difference is what floor they are on.

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