Cruise Cabin Size Issues

One of the most important issues to get a handle on BEFORE you cruise is the small cabin size. Here are some ideas that might help.

Chalk on the Driveway
A N-Inside cabin on the Norwegian Majesty is 108 square feet. That is 10'x10' INCLUDING the bathroom and 2 twin beds. Go out to your driveway with a tape measure and piece of chalk. Mark out a 10x10 square. Now draw in two twin beds and an area for the toilet, sink and shower stall. That is what you are going to have. There will probably be a little desk, a dresser or two - and a wall mounted TV. There simply isn't a lot of space in there.

Measure a Bedroom
If you have a small bedroom in your home, measure its size. Some "superior" rooms on ships are around 140 square feet - so 10x14. Again, that seems reasonable when you think in home bedroom size, but it INCLUDES the bathroom and 2 twin beds. So bring in some boxes or even a pile of clothes to block out that bathroom area and a second bed area. Practice moving around that room for a while.

The more you get used to the size of your cruise ship room, the easier it'll be when you're actually living there for several days. Remember, you won't be in there much at all. You'll go there to sleep, and spend your entire day out somewhere on the ship. So it doesn't need to be ROOMY. However, if you start your trip grousing and cranky because "the room is too small" - and it is water torture for you every time you return to it - that would be a shame. Just accept it as part of the fun of cruising, and get on with the trip!

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