Self Improvement on a Cruise

If you're on a cruise, you often have a full week of all inclusive food, lodging, and transportation. You can use that time to learn new skills or improve those you have!

All of our lives are busy. We have things we wish we'd learned, but we simply never had the chance to. A cruise ship gives you that opportunity. You are removed from your home and work for a long stretch of time, and your daily needs are all taken care of. You have a maid to clean your room, cooks to feed you, a driver to take you from place to place. All your time is your own.

Shipboard Education
Just about every cruise ship offers daily classes on a variety of topics. You can learn how to salsa, how to fold origami, how to create a baked alaska, and many other things. If you book a theme cruise you can spend a week learning all about wine from top notch winemakers and experts. You not only get a relaxing week away from your daily life, but you end up with knowledge you really wanted to learn.

Books and Books on Tape
I am a firm believer of the value of books on tape. They let you listen to important information - or great stories - in situations where you normally can't read. Some stories were really meant to be heard aloud, to hear the rhythm of the words. You can get yourself a deck chair, put on your headphones, and sit back to relax and learn.

Group Learning
If you hang out in forums or go with a group, you can easily find a group of people that share a common interest. Get together in a lounge and learn together how to make money origami for tips. Get a number of wine glasses and do a wine tasting comparison. Agree to read certain books, and then discuss the book topics each evening. The possibilities are endless!

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