Free Natural Entertainment on a Cruise

If you're on a cruise, you already have paid fully for your food, room and transportation. Here are some fun ways to keep yourself entertained for free!

Just about anywhere you go on a cruise, there will be birds. Print out some website lists of birds you could see, with their descriptions. See how many you can track down. If you have a pair of binoculars, bring them along. You never know - you might spot a truly rare migrating bird, and achieve worldwide fame!

One of the oldest pastimes of sailors was watching the sky. They knew the names of the constellations, and could tell direction by watching them. Learn about the constellations, and spend a few nights on deck learning more about the night sky. This might be one of the clearest views you have of the sky that you've ever seen.

Walking / Meditation
A cruise takes you away from your chores and work from a block of time - giving you a great opportunity to focus on yourself. The promenade deck will give you the ability to take long walks in the fresh sea air. You can pretty much always find a clear spot on the deck to look out to sea, focus on the horizon, and clear your mind. If you wish, you can easily ignore the various on-board chatter and simply exercise your mind, body and soul.

Just about every cruise offers you daily swimming - whether it's on their on-board pool or at their various ports of call. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can find. It's low impact, helps to support your body but gives you a gentle resistance. Often the very first part of physical therapy involves water exercise. Make use of this free body toning and work on it daily.

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