Parking at the Cruise Ship Dock

If you haven't planned in advance, you might be shocked by parking rates at your cruise ship dock. Make sure you fully evaluate your options for getting to and from the ship.

For example, parking at the Boston, MA dock runs about $90 for a week of cruising (8 calendar days). If you haven't travelled before, that might seem incredibly high. However, take a look at the price at nearby Logan Airport. There even the economy rate would run you $102.

That's why many cruisers go with shared vans or even taxis. What might seem like a high shared van rate is actually quite economical. There's a reason those vans are so popular :) I just ran the rates for service for 2 people from a full hour outside of Boston. It's only $68 roundtrip. That means you simply wait at your house, and a van comes and gets you. They drop you off right at the door on the other end. No parking issues, no dragging luggage from the garage. Door to door service. Plus you don't have to worry about driving home when you get back - you're driven.

Never mind gas and tools. If your car gets 20mpg and you are driving 60 miles each way, that's 12 gallons of gas, or $24. Plus tolls, let's say $6.

So if you drive yourself in and out, you could be paying $120 out of pocket to do that. Plus you have the hassle of doing the driving. Definitely look into shared busses, vans and other alternatives, to help control your costs. And definitely do this research long before the cruise date arrives, so that you are secure in your plan and how it will work.

If you DO decide to drive in, be sure to do a practice drive if at all possible! You want to be very sure you know the route, the turns, and will not get lost. Also be sure of course you drive in early, in case of traffic, flat tires or other problems.

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