Preparing your Credit Card for Travel

The safest way to pay for items during travel is usually your credit card. Here are steps to take to make sure you use your credit card wisely.

First, always make sure you call up your credit card company and tell them where you're going. It may seem silly, but your credit card company actually protects you pretty well by refusing random charges to appear on your account. Usually this is a sign that a thief is at work. By letting them know it is YOU in Aruba or Puerto Rico, you help ensure your charges go through.

Next, make sure you have a copy of your credit card number and contact info with you, to put in the hotel safe. Leave a copy at home with a friend you can call up easily. That way if there's any problem with a lost or stolen card, you can immediately get that card blocked.

Finally, enjoy! Usually your credit card will give you much better rates than local cash exchange people. Many stores now take credit cards, especially in tourist areas. It is much safer to carry than cash.

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