Concerns to Consider on a Cruise

If you have never been on a cruise before, it can be a scary thought to be trapped on a boat. Here are things to consider when deciding if you really want to take a cruise.

The Room is Small
If you're not a boating person, this may really be a shock to you. Boats are very space-conscioius. Your room is going to be small. Even if you get a suite, it is going to be very small compared to a hotel. You need to either accept that, or go with a land based vacation instead. The point of a cruise is to only sleep in your room, and to use the large common areas (and port destinations) for your daytime activities.

Attire is Regulated
Even the most casual of cruise ships is going to have dress codes in the various areas. Think of all the movies you've seen about cruise ships and the elegant dinners. Many people LIKE that atmosphere and it is the entire reason they go on a cruise. Rules are in place to maintain that atmosphere. Look very carefully at the cruise ship options to determine which you will be truly happy in. If you're simply a casual person, you should probably consider a casual, land-based vacation.

Your Schedule is Set
Some people like to be foot-loose and spontaneous. That doesn't work well on a cruise. The only restaurants you can go to - when you're at sea at least - are right there. If you want to stay longer at a given port, you can't. The ship will sail on without you.

Expenses are Resort Level
If you're used to hanging out at tropical resorts or nice restaurants and paying those prices, you will be fine. But if your typical restaurant is more of the McDonalds level, you might start to complain at the prices tagged on beers, cocktails and sodas. That's just what things cost in fancier places. Again, if your aim is a bargain-basement drink-fest, there are far cheaper places to go and guzzle.

This all being said, there are also many GREAT reasons to go on a cruise. Be sure to read the Great Reasons to Cruise list.

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