Top Must Pack Cruise Items

There are tons of things you could bring on the cruise ship - and most people overpack way TOO much stuff. Here are the top things you really should bring.

Water Purifier and Bottle
I know some people love bottled water - but lugging plastic bottles around and throwing them away makes no sense on the ship. Your trash will most likely go overboard into the sea! Instead, bring just a purifier and a water bottle. You can make as much clean water as you want, probably must cleaner than most water bottle companies provide. You'll never run out. Just put the water into a bottle if you want to bring it up to the pool.

Power Strip
Cruise ship rooms are tiny. Accept that. If you have things to plug in, bring a power strip to ensure you have enough outlets.

Medication and Prescription
You can always buy all necessities on the ship - shampoo, bug spray, sun block. You can even get tshirts, shorts and swimsuit if necessary. But it'd be really hard to get medication. Make sure you carry extra and the prescription to prove why you have it.

Over-Door Hangars
You've usually got tight space in a cruise ship room. NEVER hang items from any fire detectors or water systems for obvious reasons! Hangars with pockets or hooks that fit over doors will safely give you more storage space.

Instant Drink Mix
A great way to save money and weight is to bring your own diet drink mix. Instead of guzzling sodas, mix up some diet iced tea, diet lemonade, or other flavors with lightweight and eco-friendly-packaging.

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