Cruise Packing Tips - Luggage

One of the most important decisions you can make in your cruise packing plans is the luggage you bring with you. Remember - your cabin is pretty small!

Choose Sturdy Luggage
This hopefully goes without saying. Your luggage is going to be dragged by you to the dock. The crew is going to load it up, x-ray it, maybe go through it if they suspect contraband. They're going to hand-carry it to your room. If someone else was nasty and brought alcohol that leaked, it might get on your luggage. So you want your luggage to be waterproof, sturdy, tightly closed but able to be opened.

Label Clearly
Whether it's a bright pink tag, a rainbow colored strap, or any other technique, find a way to clearly label your luggage as yours. Stick your address both on an outer tag as well as on a card inside the luggage.

Wheels and Handles
I am a huge fan of wheels. Why lug a bag if you can simply roll it along! Test out various luggage options in the stores, seeing which one rolls the easiest and has the most sturdy straps.

Long and Flat
Most beds on cruises have room beneath the beds to stow the luggage. You want to make sure your luggage is a good size to fit under a normal twin size, and won't stick out to trip you. If you have 4 people in your cabin, remember that the upper-bunk people will need to share that under-bed space.

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