Cruise Packing List for Kids

Kids going on a cruise have a special set of packing requirements. Make sure you bring along everything your child will need to have a wonderful time!

1 shirt/day plus 1 extra
1 shorts or skirt/day plus 1 extra
1 pair formal pants / outfit for dinner
1 pair socks/day plus 1 extra
1 set underwear/bra per day plus 1 extra
1 light rainproof jacket
1 hat
1 pair PJs

AMPLE sunscreen
travel soap
travel deodorant
travel shampoo
brush / comb
makeup / jewelry as necessary

small travel games
handheld game systems
journal book
drawing / painting supplies
craft / hobby items (knitting, origami, beading, etc)

The key with a child is to pack as lightly as possible. You can always get clothes washed if you have to. You can always buy more toothpaste if you run out. If you bring too much jewelry, you're likely to lose it, so it's best to choose one favorite item and to "show it off" every day. The less stuff you bring, the less crowded the small cabin will be, and the less the child has to lug around getting to and from the ship.

Remember sunscreen, though, and put it on FREQUENTLY!! Nothing spoils a cruise more quickly than a burnt-red, sad child.

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