Evening Gown for Formal Night

While some cruises are more casual than others, just about every cruise offers a formal night. How do you choose and find your evening gown, without breaking your already tight budget?

First, do research into just how formal the dinner is. There are different levels of dress-up. Talk to your travel agent, and if possible talk to other people who have been on that cruise. See if something in your current wardrobe will be perfect for the occasion.

If you want something fancier than your stock but don't have the spare money to buy a new dress, check out your local rental and costume shops. Many stores rent fancy dressware for weddings and these sorts of events. You can usually save quite a bit of money by renting the dress.

My next personal stop would be eBay.com. There are thousands of dresses on eBay and the selection changes weekly. If you give yourself a month or two of looking before the cruise date, you should be able to find something that matches your interests and is in a reasonable price range.

There are of course hundreds of wedding dress and prom dress sites on the web. There is a big problem there - money. These sites figure that if you're spending money on a wedding, you have a high price range to work with. For prom dresses they figure it's even better - that your parents are going to spring for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Unfortunately if you're going on a cruise, usually it's you that is paying for it, and you don't have a limitless wallet to buy your dress with.

Here's one that lets you browse many designers easily - MagicMomentsProm.com. But take a look at those prices!

So while I might browse those types of sites to get some ideas of styles I enjoy, when it's time to buy I will move along to more discount locations. Either go to a shop locally where you can browse through last year's models, or find a discounter online.

I know the next solution is going to pain many women who grew up feeling liberated. Get a sewing machine! It's really not that hard to sew, and once you get the hang of it, you can make yourself tons of sundresses, skirts and other wear pretty easily. It's one of those skills that is not only fun - but can earn you a ton of money on the side if you want. eBay buyers are always eager for dresses.

Once you get your hands on the dress, sit back and smile! You can now start dreaming of your dressed up cruise experience!

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