US Custom Restrictions - Ivory, Feathers, Etc.

The US has many customs restrictions on animal-based items, in an attempt to try to keep some precious animal types from being destroyed! Make sure you do NOT buy items of these listed types.

We all know how elephants are being hunted to extinction. A restriction on ivory trade is trying to discourage poachers. Never buy ivory in any form.

Sea Turtles
Sea turtles face an equally bleak future if something is not done soon. Avoid buying anything that involves sea turtle products.

The Sturgeon population is facing serious problems, and the world's countries are trying to do their best to set limits on how much caviar is taken a year. The current US import limit is about 8.5oz.

Gorgeous coral reefs are being destroyed in order to make ashtrays and lamp holders. Most nations now restrict or ban coral sales. Take pictures - but don't take actual pieces. Coral reefs can take hundreds of years to regrow.

There are many furry animals out there that are near extinction, so to buy fur-trimmed clothing with these animals' fur is perpetuating the problem. Make sure you always check the status of a given fur before making that purchase. Some animals, like the tiger, are near extinction.

Full Fish & Wildlife List of Restricted Imports

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