Hazards of Candles and Incense

If you're going on a cruise, do NOT bring any candles, incense or flammable items. Remember, your entire home is afloat and able to burn down.

If you're looking for a romantic dinner on your balcony, there are REALLY great plastic tea candles that are battery operated and/or battery charged. It will give a soft, romantic glow without any risk of fire.

For incense or aroma, even though an incense stick can just look like a glowing ember, that can easily catch a room on fire. If it's a fresh aroma you're seeking, try the style you hang in a closet, in a car, or the twist-top kind. All will help freshen your room in a safe manner.

If you bring along a power strip, make sure that you use it safely. Don't overload it or have plugs partially into it.

Unless you actually get a smoking room, never smoke in your room, and only smoke in designated areas. Always put out any cigarette or cigar fully - do not just toss them overboard. It's important you stay aware of where your butt and ashes are going. Spare sparks can start a fire, and with ships being so big, it can flash into a large blaze before someone realizes what is going on.

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