Cruise Ship Luggage Basics

If you're going on a cruise, there are some basics you need to understand about how your luggage will be handled as you get on and off the ship.

First, as with any travel, use QUALITY LUGGAGE. If your luggage falls apart, rips open, breaks, it's going to affect not only you but everyone else in line or whose luggage is nearby when this happens. Try to go with one main luggage and one carry-on.

The carry on is critical for both getting on and off the ship. The crew is going to be moving your main luggage for you. That means it can easily take until late the first night to get to your room - and it will be picked up at night on the last night. You need your carry on to carry all critical items - medication, contacts, toiletries. You will need the carry on to remove any final items from your cabin on the last morning - your PJs and toiletries.

Because of security issues, never lock your luggage. It will be xrayed and may have to be opened. Do have a business card or other identification inside it, however, so if the outer tag gets lost for some reason, they know who the luggage belongs to.

Expandable luggage is great so that it is as small as possible to begin with, but can grow to hold all of the tshirts you will be buying. Waterproof is also great, in case some of your fellow passengers are carrying illegal booze that manages to break open during processing.

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