Titanic Movie Review

If you're a fan of cruising, then a movie to see is definitely the Titanic. Whether or not you appreciate the acting, you have to love the scenery!

The research put into this movie is legendary. They actually rebuilt the boat at 775 feet of the full 900 feet. They were not building a "set" as much as rebuilding the ship itself. James Cameron actually went underwater to the real Titanic and filmed it there, to use those shots in the movie as well as to map out exactly where everything was on the ship.

Members of the Titanic Historical Society were instrumental in the design, and were awe-struck when they walked through the set. Everything was cross-checked, from the lifeboats to the cutlery. Even tiny details that the movie cameras would not notice were included, so that the actors and actresses truly "felt there".

Many collectors donated their relics from the Titanic's sister ship - the Olympic - to serve as design bases. As a result, many details are exactly molded from items identical to what was on the Titanic.

Sure, the main characters aren't real, and there are minor flaws in the pacing of the story. But the ship is as accurately as humanly possible, given every amount of input from the leading experts on the ship. This is a movie to watch and appreciate the millions of dollars that went into this creation. It's not as much a movie as a film of a museum-quality showplace.

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